We had two fantastic days with Isabel Romeo Biedma, who lead 4 wonderful workshops here in Stockholm, Sweden, in the beginning of September:

  • "Kihon Is Roots": no matter how long we have been playing, we always need to go back to the basics.
  • "Moving from the Core": to get connected with our body and its core.
  • "Bright Playing": how we can use our whole body to express what we play

During this amazing event, we had a  joint performance together with Isabel Romeo Biedma at Culture Night in Uppsala. Our performance in Uppsala.


We wish to thank our special guest Isabel Romeo Biedma, and we also wish to thank the organizers of Culture Night in Uppsala for including our performance in the program  and Studiefrämjandet for hosting the workshops.

See also our slideshow from our event:

Slideshow: Taiko Workshops and Joint Taiko Performance

In collaboration with:

Photo: Isabel Romeo Biedma,

by Mara Saiz Photography;

courtesy of Isabel Romeo Taiko

Taiko  with Isabel Romeo Biedma, September 2017!

.  Event Date: 9-10th September, 2017